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Hunter Education

The Exeter Sportsman’s Club (ESC) offers the State of New Hampshire (NH) Hunter Education classes, taught by instructors certified by NH Fish and Game (NHFG).  Traditional Courses are taught from 6PM to 9PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday followed by field day from 8AM to 4PM on Saturday.  The On-line Course eliminates the Monday, Wednesday and Friday sessions and requires only the Saturday field day class. In order to purchase a NH Resident Hunting License you must take and pass one of these NHFG certified Hunter Education courses.

Cost for the class is $5.00 per person to cover course materials and refreshments (the club donates our facilities to the NHFG free of charge). Courses fill up fast so please sign up as soon as possible once a course date is posted on the NHFG web site. Seats are awarded on a first come first serve basis.

The NHFG Hunter Education course is more than just a gun safety class. The basic course consists of classroom instruction, field experience, and live firing on the ESC shooting range. Each class is taught by trained and certified instructors and local NHFG Conservation Officers are present to answer all NH hunting law questions.

For the Traditional Course, students will be provided with a course handbook, wildlife identification guide, outdoor survival information, and a variety of other informative handouts. The NHFG Hunter Education course includes lectures and demonstrations by the course instructors, homework, field experience, and a written exam at the conclusion of the classroom portion of the course. 

For the On-line Course the number of handouts will be less because the material is presented during the on-line instruction.

NHFG Hunter Safety Program Areas of Study include:

Introduction To FirearmsSafe Firearms Handling
Outdoor Safety And SurvivalIntroduction To Muzzle loading
State of NH Hunting LawsIntroduction To Bow Hunting
Wildlife EducationGame Trailing And Recovery
Wildlife ManagementGame Care

Important Notice

NHFG Hunter Education course students must attend 9 hours of class time for the Traditional Course, 8 hours of field day for both the Traditional and On-line Course, and pass a written exam to receive their course completion certificate.

If you have any questions about the NHFG Hunter Education course please contact the ESC Hunter Education Chief Instructor. To register for or find a course, or for more information about the NHFG Hunter Education course, please visit the NHFG Hunter Education site.

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NHFG Hunter Ed

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