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Boy Scouts of America Activities

Merit Badges

The Exeter Sportsman’s Club is pleased to offer instruction & assistance, upon request, to help our community’s youth that are involved with the Boy Scouts earn one of the four Boy Scouts of America(BSA) Merit Badges shown below. Please contact the Boy Scouts Merit Badge Instructor with any questions you may have. Please include your name, name of the Boy Scout seeking assistance, his age, and which Merit Badges he is seeking assistance with.

For information about any BSA-related activities, or other youth activity inquiries, please contact our Manager of Youth Programs, Joseph Kenick Jr at  (603) 778-5610.

Flag Retirement Ceremony

In addition to assistance with BSA Merit Badges our club also offers our facility to local Boy Scout Troops to host their Flag Retirement Ceremonies. When the United States flag becomes worn, torn, faded or badly soiled, it is time to replace it with a new flag. The old flag should be “retired” with all the dignity and respect befitting our nation’s flag. The Boy Scouts retire the flag’s with the appropriate respect and dignity, by properly burning them, at these retirement ceremonies.

The Scouts start the ceremony by preparing the flag(s) and starting a medium sized wood fire in a metal drum or incinerator. When the flag(s) and fire are ready a brief ceremony is performed and then the flag(s) are placed into the fire. Once the flag(s) have been placed into the fire the Scouts maintain a vigil over the fire until all traces of the flag(s) are destroyed. The fire is then extinguished and the ashes buried. The burial concludes with the Scouts standing at attention during a moment of silence as a bugler sounds taps.

Please contact the Boy Scouts Merit Badge Instructor if your troop would like to use our facility for a Flag Retirement Ceremony.

Upcoming Flag Retirements

Our next Boy Scouts Flag Retirement Ceremony will take place on: