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Main Shooting Range

The main range offers members a place to sight in their favorite firearm or simply enjoy target shooting, safely and comfortably shielded from the elements in one of three shooting houses. The houses are located at 25 yards, 50 yards, and 100 yards, and include sound insulation. The houses are lighted to allow members to shoot longer and later in the year. Each shooting house has carpeted high-top tables for laying out your gear, vertical gun racks, and shooting benches with wooden gun rests.

With the exception of approved reactive metal targets, no metal objects of any kind shall be used on the ranges as targets. In addition, no fragmenting material such as glass, sheet-rock, etc. can be used as targets. Clay Pigeons may be used because of their biodegradable quality. Please contact us with any questions.

Rimfire Range (a.k.a R3)

There is an additional 25 yard shooting range adjacent to the main range that is dedicated to .22 cal. rimfire shooting only. This range has the same amenities as the shooting houses on the main range and all the same rules regarding appropriate targets apply.

This is our primary training range where we hold the majority of the range exercises for our courses. This range is also used for our small bore league which runs on Tuesday evenings in the summer, the Civil Air Patrol program, as well as other special events.

Ranges & Parking Lot Cameras

As a member you are able to access the cameras to see the Main Range, Rimfire Range, Archery Range and main parking lot so that you know if others are using the facilities before coming to the range.


Our 80 yard archery range provides three shooting lanes with markers at every 10 yards and a backstop to catch arrows. The club provides archery targets on wheels, but you may bring your own archery targets if you like. No broadheads are allowed on ESC targets due to the destruction inflicted on the targets. Each shooting lane at the archery range has a container for holding arrows.

Please see Archery Range Rules in the Documents section at the bottom of this page for more information, as there are additional safety restrictions on use of the archery range depending on what other activities are going on at the range at the time.

Horseshoe Pit

The horseshoe pit is located adjacent to the archery range and is available for member use any time.


The clubhouse is a rustic log cabin constructed in 1973. It is used for the monthly membership meetings, conducting classes and is the nerve center for the annual Youth Fishing Derby.