Basic Archery Workshop

This is a first-time offering by ESC, that will have the following format.

Arrive by 5PM People will arrive and introductions take place at 5.

5 to 5:10 Will be a safety talk about the rules of the shooting line and the retrieval of the arrows.

5:10 – until light dim Steps below for shooting time (during which an evaluation sheet is filled out).

  1. Check of equipment
  2. Shooting with coaching and evaluation where the archer will be given instruction on the line and have some adjustments made. This will be done at close yardage
  3. Several rounds of shooting will take place

End of light until close Moving inside where a semi-class will be held.

  1. Show of different equipment (Arrows, Bows, general equipment)
  2. Show of tuning techniques (walk back techniques, paper tuning, bare shaft)
  3. Discuss evaluation sheets given to archers with explanation of remakes given

Format explanation

This format gives the archer time to shoot during the sun light with some on the line coaching. After the natural light of day runs out, coaching is brought indoors to a class room which is where discussion takes place. Using training aids and demonstration the group can learn about advance shooting skills taught to competitive and high skilled archers. The format is the same used at the Olympic training centers with the day starting at 7am and completing at 10 at night. Although the time is much shorter it more efficient use of day light and cool down time. The Coach running the course (Stephen Jordan, Level 4 NTS (National Training System) Coach) has worked this system when he trains at Chula Vista and Colorado Springs train facility with USA Archery.

This class will be held: Thursday, September 21 from 5:00PM to CLOSE. Please use the Paypal form below to register for the course. The course will have a maximum of 20 students.  Bring your own equipment if you have it. Registration fee is $10.