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There is a group who do the routine maintenance of the ESC range facilities. There are others who recognize a need and unselfishly fill that need. The new shooting stands are an example. The building of the archery range is another. Taking the time to get NRA certified in order to be able to introduce others to the safe handling of firearms by teaching gun handling. Volunteering for the Annual Fishing Derby is another. Here on this page we will be posting opportunities to contribute in some way that will allow the club to continue to be a viable entity to the community.

August, 2020
ESC  “Haberdasher” needed
If you go to the ESC web site (ExeterSC.com) and click on the “Shop” link at the top menu, it’ll bring you to the pages of the site were hats, t-shirts, gift certificates and more are sold. This is not a major portion of the club’s activity but it does take some time on occasion. For some time now Dave, our Membership Secretary has been taking care of this but with the recent demand for meeting and processing new members, the club is looking for someone to take this over. Here’s a description of what’s involved:

  • Maintains the merchandise inventory of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and patches
  • Maintains the free item inventory of pens, pins, and decals.
  • Fulfills merchandise orders by selecting the correct item and size.
  • Collects cash, check, or credit card transactions for in-person orders and provides receipts to purchasers.
  • Delivers online orders by car, post office mail, or for pick-up at the club.
  • Works with Marketing Captain to reorder inventory when stock runs low.

This is an occasional task that can be done on a weekend, evening or even over the phone much of the time.  To find out more, send an email to ESCComms@ExeterSC.com. This club thrives because of the folks that are willing to dedicate a little time to it.

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