Doc Wharton's Rendezvous

The Exeter Sportsman's Club will be holding their annual Rendezvous on September 29th, 2018, featuring a black powder shoot, dueling trees, gun raffle, and pig roast. Doors open at 9:30AM, with the black powder shoot starting at 10AM. This event is open to all club members and their guests. Members can register for the event using the Paypal links below.

At the black Powder shoot, certificates are awarded to the best shots in each round. The closest shooter to the center "X" in each competition wins. The certificates are redeemable for a turkey at the local supermarket. All shooters are allowed two practice shots at the start of the shoot. Entrants are given two shots at the target in each round. There are separate competitions for guns with iron sites and for guns with optics. Individual rounds will take place at the 25 yard, 50 yard, and 100 yard houses. Don’t own a black powder firearm or don’t know how to load or shoot a black powder firearm? Come to the shoot anyway. There will be loaner firearms available as well as instruction in their use.

The black powder shoot will be accompanied by many other events, including a whole pig roast, knife throwing, hatchet throwing, kid's air gun shoot, archery, and dueling trees. There will also be an ESC Trading Post, which will feature local vendors (a list of vendors will be released later). The ESC Trading Post is also where members are invited to buy/sell/trade their wares. If you'd like to reserve some space at the ESC Trading Post, you can register with the Paypal link below. Registration for this space is free.

The pig roast will be served at 12:30PM. The registration fee for the event is $15 per adult, and $7.50 per child (under 12), and you can register yourself and all of your guests with the Paypal links below. If you have any questions about the event, or registration, please contact us.

The gun raffle page can be found HERE