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Officer Directory

Tim Copeland  President (603) 580-1998
Tracey McGrail  Vice President (603) 793-4545
Bill Smith  Secretary  Use Contact Form Above    
Bob Hall  Treasurer
(603) 343-4287
Bob Krauss Safety Captain  
Everette Mitchel  Communications Liaison  
Dave De Yoreo  Membership Secretary (603) 659-6530
Dan Smith  Firearms Training Director (603) 772-8754
Steven Cook  Hunter Safety Chief Instructor  
Jim Brock  IT Captain  
Tom KlingelHoefer  Range Captain  Use Contact Form Above (603) 772-3747
Bobby Moreau Environmental Captain  Use Contact Form Above   
Tony Picciano  Facilities Captain  Use Contact Form Above (603) 380-6737
Bobby Moreau Marketing Manager  Use Contact Form Above  
Mike Rowe  Asst IT & Mbrshp Asst  Use Contact Form Above  
Joseph Kenick Jr   Manager of Youth Programs (603) 778-5610
OPEN  At Large